Reservation Form

If you decide to book us:

1. The reservation form uses calculated formula fields (like a spreadsheet) and so you CAN NOT open it in ANY web browser. You MUST use standalone Acrobat on a desktop/laptop.  You can not read or manipulate the form on your mobile device.

2. Complete the form on your desktop/laptop.  Then with your email software, attach the completed form to an email and send it to  You must create the PDF file and save it even if you plan on signing a copy and mailing it.

3. After your discussion with the videographer, you will sign the form.  This will be done either in person or via mail.  You can also sign, scan and email the form (but you must keep an original copy of the revisable PDF file).

4. Once you have completed and signed the form and you have paid your retainer fee, your event is reserved / booked. After your event, the reservation form will also act as your INVOICE.